Prologue - Iceversaka - The Gifts of Zan

There is a land that no one knows
There is a land where no wind blows
There is a thought that rides the sky
There is a thought that makes you fly
Eyes like Ice can see like diamonds
Fury in forever
Forever in a moment

      The sky is bleak colored like the deep blue of a wispy sunset, as two bright red-orange points of light descend like falling diamonds in a sea of sparkling opals, and precious gems. It is a land of possibility, where anything can happen.  Where faith moves mountains, and stars look like eyes, both mutually renewing the faith, faith in a better life, than that of sheer survival.  So goes the Mobius, stepping back from it we see it in a new paradigm, like that of the paddle wheel of stars in the sky. So is time, forever in motion, forever like a diamond, like an eye, an eye in the sky. While it looks at you, look at it and have faith...

      This was our way of surviving; it was our way of life. Upon my observation of what this is really saying, I discovered that Time is really marked by the passage of events, and these events are in a word the only thing that can break the forever turning great wheel of time, that was our life, the Iceversakain way of life. That wheel ground to a halt one-day! I was there to see it! When faith was born. It was then and now that I questioned what it all meant, the stars I mean.  I knew I could speak the language of the stars. But I wondered if the stars ever thought of speaking our language. I could imagine them looking down on our world of Ice, and thinking the same thing that we thought about them. Thinking it is a jewel, a diamond in their sky. Forever in motion, or would it be the other way around for them? Motion in forever? These were my thoughts at that moment I saw the whole thing grind to a halt like great gears in a machine. I wonder now if the machine is strong enough to last forever? I suppose that depends on how many times you start and stop it. If thatís true then this wheel of time must be as old as I am.  Some say hindsight is better than fore sight, if this is true than the moment that time ground to a halt, it was really just starting.

      This is how I feel, but I know this cannot be true, for if it were so I would not remember the things which had past before.  But I do, barely, or is this also a figment of my imagination? Like the eyes in the sky.

Maybe time will tell, and maybe it wonít.

Dr. Aton

Z.P. 188

I recall now what it was like to stand there and watch, faith born into real life....