Seth Hollingsead

Madison AL




Seeking a professional position in Computer Aided Design, graphics content creation software engineering design, integration, or project management.




2005       Bachelor of Science: Computer Science; Minor Mathematics

Minnesota State University, Mankato




Effective Time Management, Effective Team Building, Effective Communications, Effective Conflict Resolution


Computer Skills:

Personal Computer Design, Computer Networking, Network Design Implementation, Beta Testing, Alpha Testing, QC, QA, Technical Writing Skills, Computer Simulation, Basic Computer Skills, Data Entry (80 wpm), Ten Key

Project Skills:

Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Systems Consulting, Strategic Planning, Master Planning, Programming Analysis, Database Design, Mechanical Engineering, Production Planning, Manufacturing Control, Sales Planning, Marketing Strategy, Telephone Sales and Customer Service, Systems Architecture, Workflow planning, Design Patterns, MVVM (Model View View Model), Scrum Process, Agile Methodologies, Agile Development

Graphics Skills:

3D Modeling and Optimization, 3D Computer Animation, Computer Model Texturing, Desktop Publishing, PhotoShop, PageMaker, Premiere, Media Planning, Web Marketing Skills, Web Multimedia, Microsoft Office, Space Image Processing, Shuttle Radar Topography Image Processing, WPF UX Design & Template Programming, User Controls Design, User Experience Design & User Interaction Planning

Programming Skills:

C/C++, VB/VBA .NET, Java, Windows API, Assembly Language, DirectX, MySQL, FoxPro, 3D Studio MAX API, AutoCAD-Object ARX, Terra Data, SQL, XAML, WPF, C#


Professional Experience:


Senior Software Analyst, Intergraph Inc., Huntsville Alabama (2008-2013)

  • Develop automated test procedures to test rule based 3D modeling processes of structural manufacturing and production. (VB6)
  • Coverity Analysis of 6,000+ defects across massive code base of several million lines of code. (Coverity, C++)
  • Develop a daily build to build QTP test results tracking macro protocol and automation procedures to process test results and programmatically create a structured e-mail report to send to upper management with statistics, debugging information, and root cause analysis. (QTP, VBA, Outlook, Excel)
  • Develop a 2D Structural Manufacturing Data Editor with Semantic & Rules based design and database persistence, including integration with annotation, plates and profiles & production ready output. (ACIS, SmartMarine3D, VB6, C++, Oracle)
  • XML Rule Library & Geometry Attribute Definitions & Lists. (SmartMarine3D, SmartPlant3D, VB6)
  • Recursive group & primitives split operation with attribute lists retention. (RAD2D Draft Control, Shape2DServer, VB6)
  • Toolbar & Ribbon Bar GUI management, (RAD2D Draft Control, VB6)
  • Localization of Icons & Program GUI strings. (Part Monitor, VB6)
  • Standardized 2D Manufacturing Editor code base on XML Constants rather than hard-coded strings. (Part Monitor, VB6)
  • Automated Build Delivery with Un-registration, re-registration, system cleanup, virtual drive removal, client/server based delivery methods, system shutdown/log-off/system lock for security options, system defragment, command line automation binary & GUI based automation binary. Class based VB design structure. (VB.NET)
  • Programmed a performance metrics system to get version-to-version function-level performance metrics, including code instrumentation tools & statistical analysis tools. (Part Monitor, VB6, .NET)
  • Designed a WPF application following MVVM design patterns and blazing a new path for the entire organization to follow MVVM without incurring dependencies on external DLL’s from 3rd party vendors.
  • Implemented an XML abstraction layer in .NET C# to provide file & streaming services to access XML meta-data and provide meta-data to a schema control API.


Software Analyst, Software Analysts Corporation, Minneapolis Minnesota (2007-2008)

  • Developed Sales & Use tax audit calculation system for the CAMS 4.0 (Case Audit Management System) – Department of Revenue.
  • Client side testing through VPN, interfacing with Cold Fusion front end through Internet Explorer. Running SQL queries, macros and store procedures to a Terra Data backend relational data system with 3rd Normal Form.


Object Model Programmer, FabCon Inc, Savage Minnesota (2006-2007)

·         AutoCAD graphics programming (VB/VBA)

·         Marketing software content creation, Software Engineering, Software design and integration (VB .NET)



Mechanical Engineering/Graphics Design Consultant, Innate Custom Design, Mankato Minnesota (2005-2007)

·         Computer 3D-CAD model plastic components for assembly and mass production, tolerance design for rapid injection, SLS rapid prototyping to be used in marketing strategies using AutoCAD

·         3D computer ray-traced marketing images to sell the marketing piece to the client using 3D Studio MAX. 200,000 units purchased. (06-10-05) UV-Vodka, Philips Vodka, a distilled spirits enterprise.

·         Mount Gay Rum, Barbados (10-07-05)

·         Jim Beam (02-15-06)


Architectural Engineering Consultant, Revolutionary Construction Concepts Inc., Mankato Minnesota (2004-2007)

·         Drafting and 3D-CAD modeling to define new methods for energy savings within housing design and construction methods using AutoCAD

·         Graphics and marketing development, computer animation and video editing to sell the idea, concept and methods to title land investors and project land developers using AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, and Photoshop

Senior Production Management Consultant, PC Consultants, Buchanan Michigan (2003-2004)

·         Administrate, maintain, and develop industrial production management software for Simplicity Pattern Co. interfacing with IBM Mainframes to replace old Paradox production management system in DOS with windows system using Visual FoxPro

·         Assisted with data conversion of scatter plot diagrams with Whirlpool dishwasher research systems.

·         Maintain business exchange server and other misc business PC based platforms


Independent Consultant, Andrews University, Department of Education, Berrien Springs Michigan (2002-2004)

·         Structured integrated event tracking and database management systems using Visio

·         Developed add-ons for Architectural Desktop v3.3 AutoCAD 2002 with CTC (CAD Technology Center) (Object ARX/C++)


Lab Instructor, Andrews University, Physics Department; Computer Science Department, Berrien Springs Michigan (2002-2004)

·         Physics Lab Instructor (optics, radio active decay, mechanics of motion, electrical systems, acceleration)

·         Windows Programming Lab Instructor (WinProc, WM_Paint)

·         Computer Lab Systems Administrator (student account maintenance, password reset, lab security and maintenance)


CAD Coordinator, Minnesota State University, Mankato Minnesota (1998-2002)

  • Designed, and printed University advertisement using Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX 3.0
  • Developed 3D models of campus buildings using AutoCAD
  • Laid out 2D & 3D Campus Maps using AutoCAD.
  • Did service and interior systems analysis for the expansion of Computer Information Technology using AutoCAD 2000
  • Established software solutions and methodologies to maintain proto-type master parking plan. Integrated the plan with on-site images, and design implementations to make the entire system Internet and multi-user integrated using AutoCAD 2002 and Visual Studio .NET, Windows 2000, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker
  • Drafted and finalized a number of location (mall) maps for buildings using AutoCAD 2002
  • Assisted with floor plan designs & HVAC Feed & Supply systems for Taylor Center & Field House
  • Managed the Minnesota Vikings Summer Training Camp program wide ground planning (4 years)
  • Redesigned Printed Circuit Board Lab after chemical fire. New HVAC MSDS Requirements and hazardous waste containment
  • Teaching Computer AutoCAD labs under Windows & unix / solaris. (4 years, AutoCAD 13-2002)


Chief Draftsman/Assistant Engineer, Blaze King Inc. College Place Washington(1997-1998)

·         Research & Development for thermal engineering of gas and wood stove systems

·         Explosion testing and re-engineering using AutoCAD


Other Experience:

Orbiter Space Flight Simulator (2002-Current)

  • Project Team Leader, Process LandSAT satellite imagery, and Shuttle radar imagery for flight simulation and visualization, Tutorials

·         Mars Direct Project Developer, 3D Computer Modeling, Textures, Concepts, Planning, cost VS safety design trade-offs

·         Beta Tester, Orbiter Space Flight Simulator core engine simulation, and new feature testing

·         Project Mercury Developer, 3D Computer Modeling, Textures for historical Mercury capsule control panel mockup


Jr. Loan Officer, Inteleserve, St. Peter Minnesota (2004-2005)

·         Telephone customer relations. Refinancing for mortgages. Top sales 3 months


Local Chapter Founder, Association for Computing Machinery, Andrews University, Berrien Springs Michigan (2003)

  • Develop chapter by-laws, establish sponsors, chapter officers, board of trustees


Walla Walla College Jobs, College Place, Washington (1996-1998)

  • AutoCAD lab instructor/tutor


Custom Home Design Drafter, Robert Henry Smith Custom Home Designer, College Place, Washington (1996-1997)

  • Custom Home designer, floor plan drafter, utilities, and home services


Personal Interests:

Aerospace Engineering, Imbedded Systems Programming, Physics, Data Structures, Real Time Systems, Astronomy, Expert Systems, High Energy Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Geology, Materials Science, Space Image Processing, Linguistics, Avionics Systems Integration, Geographic Information Systems, Space Flight Simulation, Game Systems, Game Theory, Manned Mars Direct, Nanotechnology, Design Patterns, MVVM, WPF, XAML, C#, .NET, Numerical Simulations, Finite Element Analysis, Computation Fluid Dynamics, Monty Carlo Simulations, Arduino, Robotics, Electronic Control Systems, alternative programmable LED lighting and architectural accent lighting, mood-setting, Revolutionary Energy Production Research, Break-through technologies, Disruptive technologies, making the impossible possible, Water-fuel, anti-gravity, reactionless propulsion, faster-than-light travel, recycling waste as useful materials for industrial processes, organic gardening, natural cures, alternative medicines’ & therapeutic life-style, organic foods, home improvements, rain barrels & home water management, DIY, garage scale manufacturing, 3D printing, photography, panoramic photography, data storage and data warehousing.